Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday 8/24/08

DeKalb Ave. - Candler Park "Yard Sale"

I visited this sale somewhat late on Sunday morning. It was put together be a photographer I know and another artist whose yard sale in Midtown I visited and documented a few years ago. The sale was next to the seller’s house in the parking lot of a new mega loft/condo development. Several tables covered in clutter stretched across a few parking spaces of the lot. Larger items were placed on the asphalt. Among the larger items were a vacuum cleaner, an ornate mirror with a gold frame, one of those oddly shaped pieces of exercise gear that assists one with sit ups, a metal bed frame and a number of framed artworks. Perhaps the largest single item was a chair made into a sculpture commemorating drive in movie theatres. The seat of the chair was a miniature tableau of a drive-in with tiny cars. The presence of the cars made the chair useless as an actual piece of furniture since sitting on them would damage the piece and be highly uncomfortable.
At one end of the sale a large set of burglar was being used as a clothing rack for some articles of apparel that the seller had used in photo shoots. Among the stuff hanging on the wrought iron were several wigs, a large feather boa, a plaid shirt, some diaphanous accessories, a pair of angel wings, a pair of devil wings, a leather coat and a baseball cap. On a table next to the clothing were a pair of stiletto-heeled boots, some vintage Coca Cola bottles, a lantern and a glass brick. On the asphalt I found a box filled with decks of role playing cards such as Magic, Net runner and Echelons of Fire. Two boxes of books indicated a mixture of taste. In them I found works by Zig Ziglar, L. Frank Baum and Laura Schlesinger. Some titles included “The Faces of Injustice”, “All Men are Jerks”, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”, “Gender Issues in Art Education” and “Basic Home Repair”. In another box I found a property investment course that appeared never to have been opened.
Other stuff scattered about included a 35mm SLR, a darkroom safelight, an empty commemorative liquor bottle with a likeness of Humphrey Bogart on it, a box of empty Japanese or Korean soft drink bottles, a large clock with a nativity scene on it, an unexploded roman candle, a cordless phone and a small plastic snowman.
I bought nothing.

Uncomfortable chair saluting drive-in movie theaters.

High heeled prop from a photo shoot.

Empty Asian drink bottles.

Safelight and three other items an artist no longer needed.