Thursday, October 07, 2004

October 7, 2004

I am a bit worn out by the death of Todd Butler, but do manage at attend a sale on Thursday after picking up my car from the bar where I left it after the Todd’s wake.

Adams St,-Decatur.

I did not take notes on this fairly large estate sale since I was did not expect it driving home. Todd’s widow Clare told me I was led here by Todd’s spirit. Among the items I recall was a souvenir wall hanging from Mecca and some empty Billy Beer cans. I found several items there that I did purchase, including an autographed Lester Maddox Lp, a commemorative plate from Cristus Gardens in Gatlinburg, a 1968 copy of Atlanta Magazine featuring Julian Bond in a fashion spread, and a 1932 book called “How to Speak Good English”
The book offers the following advice, “don’t say tellya for tell you” and “not chet for not yet”.

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