Monday, October 25, 2004

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Another Saturday morning, today there are not as many signs in the neighborhood as last week. Perhaps the traffic delays that will be caused by the Little Five Points Halloween parade later in the day have made some not to want to have sales. The good thing is that I do not have any big impending errands that with conflict with my pilgrimages to these yards and driveways of assorted clutter. Cindy did tell me that I do need to take Tony my cat in to get his rabies shots. But that can wait another week, since those raccoons that hang around the back yard have not been looking rabid lately.

Harold Ave. -Lake Claire

A meager sale begins the day in this driveway close to my home. Among the few items is a zip drive, a wooden rocking horse; some baby items a wooden stool and a large water-conditioning tank.
I buy nothing.

Leonardo Ave. -Lake Claire.

The next street over yields two sales, if you can call a small table with some folded clothes and a hand held vacuum a sale. This is obviously just a parasitic sale feeding off of the one across the street. There I find no less than five of those old Italian cappuccino makers, several Amos and Andy audio cassettes, a framed photo of a bunch of cigarette butts, a bank in the shape of a Krispy Kreme truck, a egg poacher, a box of old potpourri and a flatbed scanner. There is also a mysterious very small pair of ancient looking Chinese shoes. Perhaps these people were experimenting with foot binding.
I buy nothing.

Callan Cir. -Candler Park

From the conversations I over hear this couple is moving to New York, among the items not going north are strangely enough four pairs of ski gloves. They have a number of books including "The History of Freemasonry" and "Sad Mac Bombs". Also being sold are two espresso makers, a disco ball, a hot tub cover, a bowling ball with bag, boxes of photo paper, a pair of inline skates, a wrestling trophy and a tile cutter.
I buy nothing.

Josephine St. -Candler Park

This very tiny yard is filled with a lot of old dusty and mildewed objects. There I find several old Libframilch bottles, skis and old Easter decorations. There are quite a few books many quite musty including "Plants are Like People", "Bonsai for Americans", "Rob McKeun’s New Ballads", "Three days to a powerful vocabulary", "Leaves of Gold" (an anthology from the Atlanta writers club), "What happens after death" and an autographed copy of "Traipsin Woman". Other items include an old blowtorch, a pig shaped mug and a license plate that says, “Take time to laugh”
I buy nothing.

Boulevard -Cabbage Town
In the side yard of one of the quad mill homes I find, the Candy land game, a small TV, some framed photos, a laptop computer for $20 that needs, according to a note attached, an operating system and some Christmas wrapping paper.
I buy nothing.

Rosalia St, Grant Park

Just as I am about to give up I come to this small sale on a side street. They mostly have women’s clothes but I find two boxes of large format printer photo paper. I buy both boxes for $1.00 each.

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