Saturday, October 02, 2004

Saturday October 2, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne has come and gone. My sump pump project ended up as a disaster. The guy at Home Depot told me to put the pump in a plastic container in the dug out hole in the basement so I would not have to line the hole with concrete. When the rains began my basement filled up again with water. The water went into the hole, lifted container, which with the pump, floated like a listing ship around the water filled basement. So this weekend I need to re do the sump pump in some other fashion so this does not happen again.

Because of the events of this week I was not able to post my findings from last week until Oct. 11 So my memory may be a bit foggy on what I encountered at these yard sales.

Oakdale St.-Candler Park

In the driveway of this home I find a matching pair of pogo sticks, a Stratego game, a bread maker for $15. Another price drop from Atkins dieting. There is a box of dried apple headed Christmas angels looking a bit scary. There is a flat bed scanner for $15 (non USB of course), a selection of books includes Borges’ “Dream Tigers”, and a box of old Better Homes and Gardens from 1956.
I buy nothing.

La France St.-Edgewood

In the front yard of this Victorian home is a lot of stuff that looks like its been in a damp basement for too many years. There is a strange costume that may be either a cat or an octopus head. There is a suitcase with old Playboys; an 8 track entitled “Polka Party” some copies of Ferret Magazine, a Mr. Potato head, books –“Know Your Fish” and “ Freud for Everyone” LPs by Jethro Tull, King Crimson and Procol Harum.
I buy nothing.

Estoria St.-Cabbagetown

I haven’t been to many sales in neighborhood so I don’t know what to expect. A small sale in a front yard here has a used bicycle, some very big bike tires, an espresso machine and a wicker bed.
I buy nothing.

Powell St, -Cabbagetown.

This is a larger sale billed as an estate sale, but its does not seem to be a real one. There is a lot of stuff on the seller’s porch and side yard. The fence approaching the house is lined with old windows for sale some with broken panes. On the porch I find a Republican National Convention scarf, which seems very out of place here. In addition I find a confederate flag, the Big Thumb game, a Japanese mother and child ceramic figure. There is also soap shaped like fish, an empty 16mm film can from the US Navy with the title “Under the Influence” on it. There is also a lot of knitting supplies.
I buy nothing.

Argonne Ave, -Midtown

In a driveway I find a Tae Bo WHS tape, a Cat in the Hat hat, a set of golf clubs, a Spice Girls CD, and a small pile of old cell phones.
I buy nothing.

8th St.-Midtown

Here I find three boom boxes, a love seat with a stain and a strange water sprinkler that has a head that looks like a bug.
I buy nothing

Glendale Ave, -Midtown

This sale is very small and it’s in one room of a man’s apartment. There is a juicer, a book-“Finding true love, in a man eat man world” an Atkins diet book and corn holders.
I buy nothing.

St. Charles, -Virginia Highlands

Books on management, some old cell phones a monitor for $40, a graduation gown, a book by Chic-fil-a founder Truett Cathy-“ Its Easier to Succeed than to fail” “ and a slinky.
I buy nothing.

St. Charles, -Virginia Highlands

The front yard is covered with bight yellow Fisher Price toys. There are also two old vacuum cleaners.
I buy nothing.

As I indicated I am writing this over a week latter and I may of lost some of my notes. It seems like I did buy something but I can’t recall at this time what it was.

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