Sunday, January 23, 2005

Friday January 21, 2005

Conway Dr. Decatur “Estate Sale

In the driveway of this small frame home is a classic Mercedes Benz with a large yard sale sign resting on its windshield. The sale is not as classic as the vehicle. Inside a woman who is talking loudly on a phone tells me they are already closed even though it was 20 minutes before the closing time noted in the classified ad. She tells me they will be open tomorrow but that I could just look for a few minutes. She continues talking loudly into the phone. There was not a lot here. Only three rooms are open and the bedroom in the back contains only a plaid hid-a-bed love seat. The living room has stacks of neatly folded towel and sheets, a few books including a few titles of the Left Behind series as well as “How to get off the menopause roller coaster”. In the Dining room are three older computers sitting on the floor, some hand tools and a bulky entertainment center.
I buy nothing.

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