Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Last Sale of 2004

In Friday’s AJC there were only six listings under the 805 Garage Sales column. Of the two listed inside 285, one was obviously not a garage sale as it advertised massive clearance of Christmas decorations. The other was an estate sale in Midtown.

Monroe Cir.- Midtown, Estate Sale

This was advertised as an estate sale but it was really a moving sale as the occupant had move to the UK. He seemed to have taken most of his belongings with him or never had much clutter to begin with. Following the signs placed over a real estate sign put up by a agent known only as Butch I was led to a large new infill house located immediately behind another infill house squeezed tightly into a narrow lot. In the spacious manor I found sparse items left of a life lived here. In the den I found a pack of Salvador Dali playing cards, a copy of Taxi Driver on VHS, the Cd soundtrack to Clueless. Some cassettes of Tina Turner and the Sex Pistols lie under the coffee table. Near by in the modern kitchen was a good selection of used edibles including a less than half filled bottle of Madeira with an asking price of $3. Other edibles included an opened container of Aunt Jemima syrup, a can of pumpkin, a can of chicken broth, an unopened bottle of Andre champagne and some packs of microwave popcorn. An open bottle of Robotusin was also for sale. Kitchen items included a commemorative plate of “Singin’ in the Rain”, some packages of toothpicks a coffee mug saying, “ pink sheep of the family” and an unopened package of werewolf teeth.
In a nearly empty dining room was a bowl of glass candy. A décor item that is sure to invoke a major liability suit someday. In a window was a strange looking nutcracker figure of old man 2000 and baby 2001. Once again I observe that Millennium mementos are not being kept for the ages. The 1000-year event was truly the greatest non-event of our lifetimes.
Upstairs in the master bedroom I find little more that a large modern bed that is still made up. In the closet are a few items of clothing including a tuxedo, a black wig and a pair of large platform pumps. Below the wig I find a pair of American flag exercise shorts In the office upstairs on a modern desk is a box containing a small used painters palette a box of less than a dozen tubes of acrylic paint and a few brushes. Also on the desk is a large Budweiser Tankard and two framed autographed photos of celebrities I cannot identify. There was also a book entitled “Drama Queen- A gay man’s guide to an uncomplicated life”
Down in the basemen/garage was a smattering of leftover goods. On one wall of the garage was a promotional cut out of the four hobbits from the Lord of the Rings films. Also in the basement as a set of golf clubs, two bowling balls and the omnipresent inline skates and uninstalled but fully assembled ceiling fan.
I buy nothing.

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