Sunday, January 02, 2005

No sales were in evidence on New Year’s Day. But piles of unwanted clutter were starting to appear on the street. With the temperatures reaching the 70’s Cindy and I walked to Little 5 Points and back and came across two piles of discards.

Mclendon Ave.- Candler Park

On the curb is a box containing four items. A dust buster, a combination flashlight radio, a set of desert plates still in the box with a cartoon form the New Yorker on each one and a personal relaxation system still in the box. The personal relaxation system is a foam horseshoe shaped collar that wraps around the neck. On each side is a small plastic speaker. Dangling from the unit it is a control switch. I test the PRS on Cindy, wrapping it around her neck, I turn on the massager and select the digital chirping birds sound. The digital bird chips sound more like TV static and as the collar starts pulsating Cindy starts yelling “get it off, get it off”. This is not the type of relaxation she seeks in the New Year.
We take home nothing.

McLendon Ave.- Candler Park

This more sizable but picked through pile (I saw the junk being hauled onto to street the prior night on my way to a New Year’s eve part.) This is not just a clean out the house after the holidays pile, this could be an eviction or the flotsam left after a tenant suddenly departed. Among the debris are an inflatable life size spider man figure, a very old and small monitor, some broken furniture and a large aquarium with a hole in the bottom.
I pick up nothing, but pondered how the Spider Man would look among my front yard Christmas display next year.

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