Sunday, January 30, 2005

I awoke early to see how the predicted ice event was going this morning. The hardy reporters in the field showed sideways cars and people breaking off ice cicles from their front bumpers. The skies were gray, the air was cold and the streets were deemed dangerous. Stay in your homes warned the television anchors. Below the doom forecasting meteorologist was a constant scroll of closings. Yard sales were not on the scrolling list. The Ty Ty Christian Academy was closed as well as the Lake Lanier School of Massage. But there was no “Moving Sale on Alta Ave- delayed until 10:30” on the scroll. So I just had to assume that if Ty Tyians are out of school (why they were going to school on Saturday is beyond me.) then the Octogenarians estate sale on University was not happening either. People will have to wait another day to buy candles shaped like cinnamon buns or to divest them selves of unneeded Tupperware.

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