Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oak Grove Dr. – East Atlanta “Yard Sale”

In the yard an old bungalow I found a couple and their children watching over their collection of copies of The Last Supper and various bits of clutter. Some of the copies were paint by the numbers one was rendered in relief. Next to one of the large Leonardos was a large wooden angel and a set of golf clubs. Nearby the other Last Suppers were an old tricycle and a metal office chair holding a lampshade. On a blanket in the grassless lawn was a pile of old clothing. More clothing was strewn across the side of an old green pick-up truck parked in the driveway. On a table were a few books, some sterno, a copy Titanic on VHS, some kitchenware and a few toys. Among the books were “The Battle of the Bulge”, “O, Georgia”, “Body for Life” and a 1998 World Almanac. The seller told me he was selling his Leonardo prints because his kids were drawing on them
I bought nothing.
Truck serving as clothing rack.

Sterno and Titanic together.

Seller with defaced Da Vinci copy.

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