Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whiteford Ave. – Edgewood “Sale for Legal Justice”

This sale was in an empty weed covered lot. A few tables were set up and a few blankets covered the weeds. Several idealistic looking young people stood around talking while I perused the clutter. A sign saying ‘free’ pointed towards a box containing a print of cute kittens, and some old cables. The free price may have extended to some old paint cans as well. Among a pile of clothes tossed next to a wood grain TV set was a satiny dress that featured a pair of small golden wings. On one of the tables were several Judy Collins Lps, and a mug with the faces of Sylvia Plath and Louisa Mae Alcott printed on it. Baskets and boxes scattered about contained old toys, shoes, a foam tomahawk and a patch that said –‘A pirates life for me’. The sellers seemed very suspicious of me and ask that I not take any photos of their faces.
I bought nothing.
Contents of a box at sale for legal justice.

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