Thursday, June 14, 2007

Driving through Alabama 5 27 07

On the way to the party in Huntsville we passed countless rural sales, which I refer to as perennial sales. Out on some country road the local folk just pile up junk in the yard, place a tarp over it and leave it there as long as they own the farm. Every week they set a sign on the road and pull the tarp off. I have no time to stop today, but every time I’ve visited one I feel as if I’ve been there before.

On the way back we had a bit more time and stopped at one may have been the most decrepit flea market in America. I will refrain from revealing the name of the location (to save embarrassment to the town fathers) other than that’s its in north east Alabama. At this site resembling something left over from a Mad Max film I found hordes of people walking around eating corn on a stick walking past puppies in small cages being sold next to Confederate ready to wear, scary food booths, piles of oversized cook pots, Mexican bootleg DVDs, unrecognizable vegetables, boxes of cheap toys from China and an assortment of knives and other sharp objects. I did appreciate the site for it’s unique culture but Cindy lost faith when she saw a live peacock wrapped in a plastic sack. But Cindy did dare to use the sanitary facilities on the location.
We bought nothing.

Geese kept in the shade of a pickup truck.

Chinese duckies in a box.

Decrepit food stand.

Far more decrepit sanitary facilities.


Pudd Sharp said...

Thanks for the good work on your blog. I look it it when I am having yard sale withdrawals.
I'm from that part of AL and I'd like to think I've been to every little flea market that is around. I have two guesses where the flea market was- Lacon, AL or Cullman, AL. Am I close?

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