Thursday, June 14, 2007

Saturday 5 26 07

This weekend Cindy and I are going to Huntsville to attend my nephew's wedding reception. Under the guise of going to the bank I find time to stop at one sale in the neighborhood.

Benning St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Assortment of book on dead end street.I’ve lived in this neighborhood over a dozen years and I never knew this end of Benning St existed. The sale was on a stub of Benning running off of Oakdale with six or seven new infill homes on it. It must have been one of those alleys that overnight became a realtor’s reality. The sale was at the house at the end of the street in their side yard. Most of the stuff here was fairly new as one would expect from and infill home. Scattered about the yard, hanging from the rear fence and arrayed on a wooden deck I found kitchen-wares, women’s clothing, and a few pieces of furniture. I noted that there seemed to be a larger than usual assortment of objects shaped like chickens including a lifelike feather covered rooster. While I was there nearly every person at the sale picked up this fowl replica at one point. But no one appeared to have the nerve to buy it. On the same table as this rooster was another chicken bedecked in some sort of Victorian gown. No one bought that one either. Scattered across several large sheets of plywood in the yards was a massive assortment of books. Titles on women’s issues predominated but among the many volumes I found “Women of Faith”, “Bachelor Girls”, “The First Book Market”, “Panic Anxiety Disorders”, “Look at My Ugly Face”, “Feel the Fear and Beyond”, “Rage for fame’, “Women of the Left bank” “The Brain Diet”, “How Much Joy Can You Stand?” “Living Alone and Loving it”, “The Best Cat Ever”, “Simple Living and “The Bitch in the House”.

I bought nothing.

Chicken everyone loved to pickup.

A better dressed fowl.

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