Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Elmira St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This was the largest sale of the day. In another bungalow owned by the manager of a local tavern was an extravaganza of all thing brew oriented and lots of other wild and confusing items. This was one of those sales where the seller had finally given in and decided she had had enough of all this clutter. The collection spoke of a lifetime spent with potent potables, signs, bar- wares, and endless promotional items passed onto her by beer companies over the years. In addition there was a large assortment of western style objects from a child’s backpack in the shape of a cowboy boot to naïve western artwork. Her books indicated a wide range of interest and lifestyle changes among them were “Roughing it Easy”, “One Pan Gourmet”, “Undaunted Courage”, “The South Beach Diet”, “Utah Handbook”, “Love and Desire”, “Rescue Dog of the High Pass”,” Stranger in a Strange Land”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. “The Devil’s Flu”, “Cowboys are My Weakness”, “You Can’t Win” and “A Cure for Dreams”.
Some larger things included two plywood cutouts of Xmas trees, a brass bed and some retro kitchen furniture. Other assorted objects included a boxed set with the label ‘Candlelight and Music’. It included a candle and a CD of romantic songs. Also found there was a large wooden figurine of a frog in a nurses outfit, three boomerangs, a candle shaped like an iguana and at least thirty other candles or candle holders. She was also divesting her self of a large novelty button collection. Among her collection were ones that read, “Why think when I can watch TV”, “Are we over the rainbow yet” and “It’s the little things that mean so little”.
We bought nothing.

Multitude of beer signs on porch.

Reptillian candle.

Western artwork found on Elmira.

Moreland Ave. – Little 5 Points “Yard Sale”

This was the sale that prompted our walk but when we arrived we were disappointed at the meagerness of the event. Here in on the front porch of another bungalow we found some women’s clothing, a box of shoes with massive heels, some plush toys, a microwave oven, a sad looking small Xmas tree and an oversized faux antique clock. Among some books were “In Cold Blood”, “Girl Interrupted”, “Zen Tarot”, “the Way of the Wizard”, “A Year of Living Consciously”, “the Passion”, and “Discover Your Psychic Powers”.
We bough nothing but in our disappointment realized that our walk was more important than getting to our destination.

Some well heeled footware found at our final destination.

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