Friday, November 30, 2007

11/24/07 Saturday

Lowery St. - Edgewood "Yard Sale"

I can tell the holidays are upon us as sales have almost completely diminished. This weekend I was delighted to see this sale In Edgewood near the Marta station when I was driving back from Lowe’s to purchase a filter for my furnace. I had a good feeling about this sale when I saw one of their posters on a utility pole. The posters for this event proudly depicted a cornucopia and announced that accordions were for sale here. With this in mind I pulled my car over. Most of the stuff here was gathered on the porch of the small frame bungalow. A number of larger objects were covering the small yard. Among them was a dog travel cage, a jar of old corks, a lobster pot, three skillets, a picnic hamper, a small vacuum and three heating filters. The filters were free but they were not the size I needed. In the rear of the yard was a framed Nagel print of a naked woman. On the porch was a table with the touted accordions. These were the showpiece of this sale. The six instruments with multicolored lacquered bodies shone brightly on this drab November day. Also on the table was an autoharp (dull by comparison) and some selected accordion sheet music. A shelf on the porch held the following books, “Idiot’s Guide to Real Estate Investing” “Exploring Rome”, “The South Beach Diet”, “Lorca”, “The Joy of Photography”, Teaching A Stone to Talk”, “Ode To Walt Whitman”, “Basic Sign Communication”, “The Erotic Spirit”, “Skinny Dip” and “Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking”.
Hanging nearby was a selection of women’s clothing including a large pair of overalls, a kit for making Day of the Dead sugar skulls and a dozen or more small picture frames. Near the frames was an album of found photographs among the photos were old images of people playing accordions.
I bought nothing but told the seller’s I admired their sale.

Porch laden with accordions, skull making gear and overalls.

80's artwork and dog cage in yard.


isuelt said...

I love the 80s art work! LOL We've found thing like that using craigslist and this site:

We've found some interesting things, even while traveling on vacation

theclassicbrat said...

Heh, the accordion's made me sad. Wonder if they were Drew's from the old band Soup. I got to your blog from link to link to link, I like it here :0) Happy Yard Saling in 2008!

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