Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Scenes from the Halloween Season 2007

In case you have not noticed it Halloween is now only second to Christmas in regards to the amount of money spent by consumers. Atlanta has gotten to be a big Halloween town with lots of high-end yard d├ęcor covering some of the finest yards in the best neighborhoods. The holiday has expanded to the extent that one could now refer to it as the Halloween season. This October I documented two major local Halloween events, the Little Five Points Halloween parade an extravaganza that has been going on for many years and the the Zombie Walk a newer and more intense participatory event.

The Zombie Walk
The Zombie Walk participants met at Lenny’s Tavern in the Old 4th Ward and were supposed to begin their walk at noon. From Lenny’s they were to procede through Oakland Cemetery (heaven forbid if anyone was actually having a burial at that time) wander to Underground Atlanta and then hop on Marta to return to Lenny’s. I got to Lenny’s at noon and it appeared the well-festooned walking dead were heading nowhere fast. All the images shown were taken in the Lenny’s parking lot. I guess you can’t rush the dead.

Medical staff on hand in case of injury.

A Red Bull makes any event livier.

Bored young zombies waiting for the walk to begin.

Zombie having a healthy snack before the walk.

Little Five Points Halloween Parade

I met some friends nearly an hour before the parade began to assure getting a good view in front of the Yacht Club. The parade was up to it’s usual grand standards with a multitude of zombies on Harleys, walking dead, a vast variety of skull head creatures and women in fanciful domination outfits. It was family fun for all.

Pre-parade festivities featured local ladies swinging head on a stick.

A well dressed cyclist mingles with the crowd.

The entry from the Japanese Consulate appears to be a bit red eyed.

Members of local trade unions walking in the parade.

The Yacht Club's entry was a rolling Freak Show. Among the freaks was the dreaded Man Eating Chicken