Wednesday, November 21, 2007

11/3/07 - Three ways to yard sales on foot, by car and on a bicycle

Marlbrook Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This morning I needed to repair the screen door on my porch, which my new cat tore apart when he attempted to climb on it. Before I headed to the hardware store I took my camera and walked over to this sale two blocks from my home. When I arrived a little after nine I found that the seller was just putting stuff out in the yard so I did not want to bother her with persistent documentation. I captured a few images then walked towards home with the seller’s mother who was going that way to replace a few signs that had been torn down by some yard sale hating neighbor. The woman did not know how to operate a staple gun so I felt good that I accompanied her on this task. I did not make it back to the sale later in the day to see what was put out for sale. But I did get a photo of two manikin torsos that were in the yard.

A premature yard sale. I failed to return when it was open for business.

Mathews Ave - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

While driving back from buying some screen at Lowe’s I noticed a sign for this sale and stopped by. This was a medium size event in the yard and driveway of a frame bungalow. When I approached with camera in hand the seller asked if I was the Yard Sale Addict and that she was familiar with my work. I then began capturing on camera what was on display. The stuff in the yard was mostly children’s toys. These included big plastic action figures, a play race track with cars, a xylophone, a big plastic aircraft carrier, old copies of Highlights for Children, a few plush animals and a multitude of unidentifiable plastic toy parts jumbled in a large pile.
On the Driveway side things were more reserved and less colorful. There I found a disassembled ceiling fan, some vintage women’s clothing, a fireplace screen, a Persian carpet, a stair-master, some bolts of fabric, a wooden skateboard ramp and a large toy big-wheel truck.
I bought nothing.

A disassembled ceiling fan and it's reflection.

Pile of plastic playthings.

Oakdale Ave- Candler Park “Men’s Sale”

After repairing the screen door, I went out on my bike towards Candler Park and Inman Park. In Candler Park I followed the signs to this sale. In the hedged in yard of a brick home I found racks of men’s clothing and tables full of men’s shoes. Out on the sidewalk upon a table was a big model of a sailing ship (which someone bought shortly after I photographed it), a plush moose, a plush otter in a case that said “otter on his own’ and a Rugrats figure in it’s original packaging. In front of a pickup truck was a large punching bag. On the back of the truck was a washing machine. Other things there included a metal locker the type found in locker rooms, a wooden sculpture of figures holding hands in a circle, a water cooler and a plastic bin filled with lps. On top of the pile was a Donna Summers recording. I found this sale perplexing since it was hard to tell where the stuff really came from or why it was here.
I looked through the men’s clothes but none appeared to be my size. I bought nothing.

Manly things such as ship and plush moose on display.

Large selection of menswear that did not fit me.


Gadfly said...

Very nice! Great photos, and the houses in this neighborhood are just lovely...I want to move there! I am a yard sale addict myself.

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