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Saturday 10/19/2007

Page Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

I’m starting to think that I should rename this web site Yard Sales on a Bicycle, for once again I find myself traveling around the neighborhoods adjacent to my home on my aging but still reliable KHS. The KHS was purchased at least over 16 years ago from some now defunct big box store. Originally an all terrain bike (as was popular in that time) it is now outfitted with thinner tires as a street bike. I have since added some front and rear storage. I keep my camera in the front. The rear storage rack is there in case I might actually buy something. My first stop today is a sale set up on the sidewalk in front of a home on Page Avenue. Here I find one end of the sale dedicated to house-wares and the other end to hardware. At the hardware end I find a large electric kiln, some assorted lumber, storage bins, shower heads and a big sharpening device made by Makita. Among the domestic goods are bags of small hotels soaps, a pillow with a farm scene, a starfish in a small frame, a sponge shaped like a pineapple, two small plush dogs, a pair of squirt guns and a small clock set inside a piece of burled wood.
I buy nothing.

Pineapple shaped sponge.

Estoria St. - Cabbagetown “Yard Sale”

This is a small and very quiet sale on the sidewalk in front of an old wood frame mill home. There is not a lot for sale here other than two reed porch chairs with a leopard pattern cushions, a few small flower pots, a red cabinet, some pillows, a set of wood shelves, a stack of VHS tapes and a dresser holding a vase and a box. Written on the box is “just bought at Ikea”
I bought nothing.

Savannah St. – Cabbagetown “Yard Sale”

This was a somewhat more extensive sale on the sidewalk outside another old Cabbagetown mill home. Here was an extensive selection of women and men’s clothing hung alongside a wooden fence. Other things gathered there included a coffee maker, a pair of novelty umbrellas with anime style faces on them, some faux fruit, a pair of lamps, and a frozen cocktail maker.
I bought a shirt for one dollar. When I later tired it on at home I found it to be a poor fit.

Faux fruit found near the old mill.

Stylish Umbrella on the sidewalk of Cabbagetown.

Wadell St – Inman Park “Yard Sale”

I could tell this was more than just a yard sale when I arrived when I saw the presence of pink ribbons and red hats. This was another fund raising event for Breast Cancer a noble cause not only for the fine work they do but because it creates to so many fundraising yard sales. Today’s sale appeared to be organized by some friends of mine from Inman Park along with some Red Hat associates. While I did not ask I am being presumptuous about the Red Hat involvement. I make this statement simply because there were so many red hat accessories for sale here. Among them Red Hat tee shirts, throw pillows and jewelry. I could once again make the assumption that the sale involved women who were trying to empty their homes of RH paraphernalia. Regardless the sale extended from the street down the driveway to the rear of a large frame Victorian home. In the front I found parts of a drum kit, an array of purses set on the grass, a teal dinette set, some kids stuff and a pile of fake autumn leaves. In the driveway was a mixture of household goods, jewelry and home décor. I found a small George Foreman grill, a small TV set, a toilet seat still in its original box and the aforementioned Red Hat pillows. In the rear were women’s clothing, novelty salt and pepper shakers in the shape of wine glasses and a framed embroidered scene of a cat and a butterfly. Among some books were “Best Horse Stories”, “Herding Dogs”, “Real Estate Riches”, “The Landlord’s Handbook”, “How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist”, “The Culture Clash”, “Real Estate Loopholes”, “Hidden Evidence” and “The Lost Children of Hitler”.
Also in the rear I found more books, more artwork and a great view of the Atlanta skyline.
I bought nothing.

Drum and dinenette set in the front yard.

Red Hat pillows being sold for a good cause.

Feline art found at fundraiser.

View of Atlanta in the morning sun from the rear of the sale.

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