Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fernandina Beach

Last week we drove to our friends Janet and Sue’s beach house in Fernandina Beach, Florida. On the way there we traveled past the town of McRae to catch a glimpse of America’s wierdess Statue of Liberty. Here the green torchbearer appears as an escapee from the Bizarro world.

Fernandina is currently having an identity crisis as developers are pushing the area to be known as Amelia Island and not Fernandina Beach. Our host told us that it’s nearly impossible to find any item or souvenir apparel with the word Fernandina on it. South of Fernandina is the historic American Beach one of the few Black tourist resorts from segregation times. Here I discovered a fine homestead shaped like a ship with multitudes of religious art in the yard.
On A1A in Fernandina there are no less than three homes built in the shape of lighthouses. Two of which were for sale. Our host told me that they would most likely be torn down to build something larger and more traditional.

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