Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lanier Blvd. – Virginia Highlands “Estate Sale”

This was a larger sale than the others, located in the driveway and garage of a renovated two-story home. As I approached the garage I passed several art prints included one of a Balinese dancers. Near it was an electric leaf blower.
On display on tables I found barware, part of a burglar alarm system, a teddy bear in a squires outfit, several lamps, a package of rat traps, mugs, Tupperware, a Relax brand bed pan and a hand painted flower pot that said “buzz words”. In several boxes were a number of books among the titles were “Live and Learn and Pass It On”, “South Beach Diet”, “A Grand Passion”, “The Rich are Different” and “How To Lose Friends and Alienate People” Scattered about were a number of items relating to the legal trade including a boxed set of tapes entitled “First Year Law” a copy of “Alternatives to Litigation” and a paper weight that said that said “Justice Mercy Equality”.
I bought nothing.

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