Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday 6/23/06

Tuxedo Ave.- Lake Claire “Estate Sale”

While my exhibit was underway I had a little bit of time to check out this sale on one of the more upscale street in my neighborhood. The estate sale was presided over by the owner of a well keep traditional bungalow. She told me that she had lived in the home since she was a little girl and used to ride the McLendon trolley to go downtown. Restraining myself from going into a long conversation of how much better public transit was before MARTA I instead perused the artifacts of a life spent in Lake Claire. Throughout the home was an abundance of silk flowers and foliage. In the dinning room were boxes of old cleaning supplies selling for a dollar each. Tables in the same room were covered with an explosion of Xmas décor with Santas, Nutcrackers and angels competing for space. On another table I found a set of cassette tapes on self-hypnosis that offered relief from a number of modern problems ranging from smoking, overeating and overspending. Also in the dinning room was a Cabbage Patch doll with a spotted face that made it appear to have smallpox.
There was a moderate collection of books in one of the bedrooms. Some titles included “Beyond Reason”, “The Painmaker”, “I Ain’t Much Baby But I’m All I Got”, “A Lesson Before Dying”, “Life After Life”, “Write it Down Make It Happen” and “Reality Therapy”. On the floor of the bedroom between two remote controls was a DVD of The Dog Whisperer. Also in the bedroom was a box of ladies hats, several wigs and a can of wig spray.
The living room was filled with furniture and tables packed with small décor and figurines. On one table was a large garish ceramic clown head.
A sign on the front door indicated that there was stuff in the basement. I found very little there other than a few tools and some fishing gear. But in the back yard I did find a life-size pair of decorative Canadian Geese for sale.
I bought nothing

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