Sunday, May 06, 2007

Challmette Dr. Morningside “Yard Sale”

When I arrived at this sale I was given a different welcome. As I began photo-documenting the clutter the seller quickly demanded why I was shooting pictures the junk in her front yard. Since I have moved up to a larger SLR camera I now seem to stand out. After explaining to her my quest and purpose she gave me carte blanche to document her stuff and even posed for me.
This sale was in the front yard and driveway of a simple brick ranch home. In the driveway was an older van with large framed photographs of Marilyn Monroe propped up against it. There was even more Marilyn stuff mixed with the clutter in the large, including a large framed jigsaw puzzle of Marilyn with James Dean, Elvis and Bogart in a coffee shop. It was not the more common Hopper “Nighthawks” knockoff but was set in some more upscale café. Perhaps the artist felt the Hopper estate might sue him or he might be sued by the original knockoff artist. Other stuff assembled in the yard included some board games, several lamps, a smiling ceramic chef figurine, some camping gear, a very large hunting knife, a small old TV, two bread makers, a tennis racket, several computer keyboards and a pile of tee shirts. There were some men’s shirts hanging from the side of the van.
I bought a shirt for one dollar but later found it was missing a button.

Marilyn in the driveway.

Seller poses with framed jigsaw puzzle of Marilyn.

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