Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oakdale Ave. – Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

I received an invite to this sale from a fellow member of an arts listserv that I subscribe to. I am always a little nervous when someone invites me to their sale. Not knowing that I may want to be critical of their belonging or perhaps wish to expose too much of their life. It’s like being at a party and getting caught snooping in the medicine cabinet. But perhaps the next direction my invasive art should take is photos of medicine cabinets, drawers and refrigerators in friends and associates homes.
When I arrived one of the sellers exclaimed loudly “Tom Zarrilli’s here!” I politely told the seller that her arrangement of ladies hats was quite charming and that the disassembled ceiling fan cast upon some shrubbery was very much the photographic opportunity I look for in a sale. Overall it was a good size sale with a large selection of higher quality clutter occupying most of the yard and driveway of a handsome brick bungalow with Tudor styling. There was an ample amount of signage about the event. Especially the sign still in front of the yard saying “Sorry it’s tomorrow”. All the signs were large and well printed including the one attached to a wooden canoe paddle saying “paddle” for those who might be conceptually challenged.
Among the stuff found on the premises included some candles, a small ceramic ghost, a blue glass lamp, some silver serving pieces, a framed photograph of Mykonos, two boxes of small maracas to be used as party favors and a hand painted backdrop of the moon seen from a space vehicle. Along the driveway I found luggage, some gardening stuff, the aforementioned paddle, one of those horribly uncomfortable ergonomic computer chairs from the late 1980’s (soon to be a rare collectible), an old electric fan, a few baskets and a print of a couple in love from the 1930’s. The hats I mentioned earlier were arranged neatly on the ends of long staffs implanted in the ground. Other clothing included a fringe leather jacket suspended from a tree.
There were several boxes of books here among them were “The Second Ring of Power”, “Lust for Life”, “Italian Regional Cooking”, “Creating the Peaceful Home”, “Dune”, “Magister Ludi”, “The End of Eternity”, “The Origins of Intellect”, “Oil Painting for the Beginner”, “Fresh Ways with Poultry”, “Life a User’s Manual’ and “Exotic Flower Arrangements”.
I bought nothing.

An image I never tire of - A fan resting upon upon the ground like some great injured bird.

Well labeled paddle.

Sign with incorrect information.

Well arrayed hats.

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