Sunday, May 06, 2007

Glenwood Ave – Grant Park “ Gallery Yard Sale”

This sale was in the side parking lot of the Youngblood gallery. Youngblood is one of the more interesting arts venues in Atlanta. The gallery tends to feature young pop artist and has a yearly skateboard art show. When I arrived late in the morning they told me that they had just gotten set-up, which is what I expected from younger artists. Among the stuff on tables and sitting around the parking lot were a pile of 90’s CDs, a Scobby Doo clipboard, a cheap blonde wig, an action figure of that bounty hunter guy in Star Wars, a photograph of Centennial park under construction, a semi melted candle, a game called Butthead and a pair of clip-on bunny ears. Some books found here included “Season in Hell”, “The Art of Loving”, “The History of the Blues”, “Cinema and Semiotics” and “Tales of Beatnik Glory”.
Leaning up against the gallery were some art works that I had photographed at a sale in Candler Park over a year ago. I told the sellers that my photos of the artwork were part of my exhibit at the Contemporary last year.
I bought nothing.
Artwork redux. Second appearance of this work in this website.

Glenwood Av. - Grant Park “Moving Sale”

There was some sort of moving sale going on in the house next to the gallery. There were a few things such as a giant Xmas nutcracker, a sofa and a pair of roller blades in the front yard of this small frame home. On the porch was a light up artificial tree festooned with autumn leaves. The house was open but it was difficult to tell if the anything was for sale inside. Mostly the inside was a mess with trash on the floor, partially disassembled aquariums, unmade beds and piles of debris. I even began to feel I was being a bit intrusive. But I did take some pictures.
I bought nothing.

Inside the home. Sale or confused housekeeping?

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