Sunday, March 13, 2005

Clarenton Ave. - Avondale Estates “Estate Sale”

After meeting Cindy for lunch at the Our Way Café, we stopped at this nearby sale in a Tudor style one-story home. This was or is the home of a tile artist and the entire back deck of the home was filled with the artist’s work. Inside the home only three rooms were open. A crowded living room and dining room was filled with women’s clothing, bolts of fabric Xmas décor and other clutter. The garage is packed with dark furniture, tools and sporting equipment. Cindy who always buys more than I do, regardless of being the one who chastises me for attempting to fill our home with clutter from my yard sale habit, emerges from the garage carrying a two foot long terrifying looking plastic rat. She asks me “don’t we need this?” I refrained from answering.
In the dining room I found a souvenir voodoo doll from New Orleans and a framed print of a shoe. One recurring theme at this sale was items related to Newfoundland. In the garage I spotted an LP by a Newfoundlander and some tour books of the province. In the dining room I found a very simple commemorative plate from the same province. The plate simply has a small figure of a seal on it and the Province’s name. In the living room I found books on this distant frigid outpost.
I bought nothing, Cindy Bought two pairs of shoes and some Xmas ornaments.

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