Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Disappointing Saturday 3/12/05

After the wonderful sale on Friday, this weekend was one disappointing sale after another. The weather was great. But perhaps the citizens were brow beaten by one cold weekend after another had given up for the month. I hope next week is better.

Rogers St. Kirkwood “Moving Sale”

Following some well-placed arrows that led from McLendon under the tracks and into Kirkwood I arrived at this home hoping for the best. Inside the house were two rooms with a meager selection of stuff on display. Among the selection was a machete, an old meat grinder, a set of fireplace logs, an assortment of tools, some Olympic pins and an unopened package of cough drops.
I bought nothing.

Irwin St.- “Inman Park”- Estate Sale

This was not in Inman Park and not an estate sale. It was a few things in the garage of an infill town house in the Old 4th Ward. To make matters worse this was the same stuff the seller had put out in December. (See December Archives). The bag of plastic lemons and the gift pack of bungee cords seen before must have sold.
I bought nothing.

Piedmont Ave – Midtown “Yard Sale
This was a barely a sale. A young woman set outside her apartment building with a few books, two pair of fuzzy dice and a small set of speakers.
I bought nothing.

Clermont Ave – Virginia Highlands “Estate Sale”

The paper said estate sale, the sign said moving sale but it looked like the home was trying to be on the tour of homes. There were three rooms open, all had very clean and polished expensive furniture. Copies of Country Life and Traditional Home were neatly stacked in wicker baskets on the floor.
I bought nothing and wasted little time here.

Kentucky Ave – Virginia Highlands “ Yard Sale”

This was a real yard sale but there once again wasn’t much here. A copy of Windows for Dummies, some jigsaw puzzles, a propane tank, a bike helmet and some plush toys.
I bought nothing.

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