Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Park Place – Oakhurst “Big Fat Oakhurst Yard Sale”

Someone must have taken the feeding tube off this sale since it was not so fat when I got there a little after nine AM. But one of the things I continually heard today was sellers remarking how rabid and vicious the early bird scavengers were. In the yard of this Tudor home opposite the East Lake Marta station was a moderate size pile of clutter. Facing the sidewalk was a large painting of a Magnolia. Among the things found here were a full aquarium setup, a Technics turntable, a scarf from Costa Rica, and a bag of napkin rings. A box of Lps included a lot of old disco including a recording by Sylvester. Books included a autographed copy of Carl Hiiamsne’s “Sick Puppy”, “Your Household Guide - 1951” tips include “to whiten laces wash in sour milk”, “Basic Real Estate Appraisal”. “The Man who Planted Trees” a very old paperback of Erskine Caldwell stories and a copy of the most common book found at all yard sales “What color is your parachute”. Henceforth that tome shall be identified simply as “WCIYP”
I bought nothing

Sterling Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

It’s nice to have sales close to home again. This one was a small affair with the seller divesting a number of things she had when she had a booth at Kudzu flea market. There was a mixture of antiques and household discards. Among the selections were a metal box with a delft cow and two old computer mice, a bag of wooden bananas and a cardboard box full of dirt encrusted glass insulators. A selection of books featured, ”The rise to Globalism”, “In the days of McKinley” and “I love you America”
I bought nothing

Stillwood Dr. – Virginia Highlands “Garage Sale”

This sale was in the garage of a condo development that resembled in a Tudor Village. The parking was very tight as it should be in a mock Tudor village. This sale had also been pillaged by early birds thus there was not a lot left when I arrived. Everything here was arranged in a tidy manner. Across the back of the garage was a clothesline of women’s clothes with the t-shirts on hangers. Several T-shirts carried the name Alston & Bird. On the wall were some large purple Xmas stockings. On the ground several tennis rackets, a box of doorknobs and a full PC setup selling for $200. In the center was a table with a bag labeled craft rocks, a basket of candles in the shape of apples and another basket with Indian corn and Thanksgivingesque folk craft dolls made of straw. It is ironic that in the weekend before Thanksgiving I found Easter décor and on the Day before Easter I find Thanksgiving décor. Perhaps yard sales are antipodes for these holidays. A few dozen books were for sale including “Confessions of a shopaholic” and “How to lose friends and alienate people.”
I bought nothing.

North Rock Springs Dr. – Morningside “Moving Sale”

Up a steep driveway a sign on this relatively new home proclaimed “Casa de Pinto and Freemen” another sign indicated buyers to go to the rear of the casa. A selection of stuff was spread around the back patio. Inside two rooms were open for shoppers.
The majority of outside stuff was framed artwork and posters, including a large photo of the intersection of Haigh and Asbury streets. Other framed art included some prints of English fox hunt scenes. The most cryptic item outside was what appeared to be a pair of wooden stilts with images of woodpeckers on the footholds.
Inside the home was on the too clean and upscale side. In the dinning room arrayed upon the table were a selection of cheese trays and a few pieces of fine china. On the wall I noted a print of the death of Orpheus. Below it was a massive five-foot long plush dragon flanked by a variety of kitchen appliances such as crock-pots, mixers and ice cream makers. Next to the crock-pot was an unopened box of surgical gloves. Another glove nearby was a first base man’s mitt with a baseball in its grip.
In the other room was a less elegant selection of stuff. On the floor was a framed sampler with the words “wear it out, use it up do without’ embroidered upon it. Nearby was a pile pf Latin American fabric works, including a Panamanian Mola. One of the larger items in the room was a ride able toy Volkswagen with a printout of its ebay value stuck on the windshield. A box of Lps contained titles such as “Bach takes a trip” as well as a four record set of Italian language lessons. On the kitchen counter was a German lead cast for making a toy Prince August. There was also a small ashtray in the shape of North Carolina, and a carved coconut with the name “Topsy the Florida nut”. Topsy is casting his eyes towards a plate with the confederate flag emblazoned on it.
When I was leaving a teacher from a preschool was negotiating the purchase of the dragon.
I bought nothing, but considered buying the mola.

Hudson Dr. - Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

There was not a lot left when I got here. But a large sign detailing the items for sale and their prices(sometimes discounted) was there serving as a reminder or what latecomers missed The seller like others today complained about the vicious early birds. The few items remaining included a flatbed scanner, some golf clubs and a box of blank legal forms including last will and testaments.
I bought nothing

Rosedale Rd. - Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

This sale was also well picked over. Among the remaining stuff was a 10-speed bike; a pile of children’s books a big toy tractor, a plastic toy guitar and a toy vacuum cleaner.
I bought nothing.

Cumberland Rd. - Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

Yet another depleted site. Here a couple sat in lawn chairs looking over a few dozen things. The remaining stuff includes framed movies posters from Airplane, Grease and Superman, a monitor for $10, an ice cream maker, a ceramic figure of a boxer (a dog not a pugilist) sitting on a torn tennis net, a treelike object with test tubes or bud vases blooming from it and a copy of WCIYP.
I buy nothing.

Greenwood Ave. - Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

With each sale the quantity seems to lessen. Here I find a large brass bed, a few golf awards, a large stuffed Santa and a cassette entitled “This is bass”.
I buy nothing

Somerset Ave. - Poncy Highlands “Yard Sale”

Here a woman is selling an assortment of clutter and Girl Scout Cookies. Among the items is a blue wig, which the seller told me, belonged to a clown who used to live with her. Also in the yard is an assortment of unclownlike women’s clothes, a few hardware items and a pair of speakers. I buy a framed print of a chicken. This is the last frame I will need for my Roadside Memorial series. But shortly after I arrive home Cindy sells one of her new prints and uses my newly purchased frame on her work. This gives me yet another reason to go to more yard sales next week.

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