Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday 3/10/05

Briarlake Rd. “Estate Sale”

Going to this sale was a waste of my time. In an upscale north dekalb neighborhood on a busy street, the home is located at the top of a driveway as steep as a ski slope. Upon entering I know this is not going to be good since the home is way too clean. There is not a lot for sale and there is nothing that even approaches junk or clutter. Nothing even looks as its been touched by human hands. Selected curios are kept in glass cabinets, stemware is shiny, silver is sparkling, and the furniture is polished. Everything is expensive and hardly any thing is unusual. Only two items e are worth mentioning; in a glass case are two brightly painted wooden ducks labeled Korean wedding ducks and on the wall a framed page of the Koran.
I buy nothing.

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