Sunday, March 20, 2005

Friday, March 18, 2005

I have now come to have high expectations for Friday sales. But this Friday was a no great event, even with these two sales relatively close to one another.

Breckenridge Ct. Northcrest “Estate Sale”

This seemed to be more of a moving sale than an estate sale. It was not inside the home but on the driveway and in the garage. This was also not a very interesting sale for a Friday. Arranged on and around tables was a mundane collection of household items. The only remarkable find was a coat rack made out of bullhorns. Not a standing coat rack but one that was to be wall mounted with the horns perturbing outward where one could be impaled if they fell against it. Some of the things scattered about were stacks of well-folded sheets, some Fourth of July decorations, several handball rackets, a Spiderman costume and a mirror with an ornate frame. Books included a French dictionary and “The lawn chair astronomer.
I bought nothing.

Frazier Rd. Rehoboth “Yard Sale”

This sale was the more interesting of the two and had a lot more stuff. A wide driveway next to a one-story ranch was covered in a vast variety of clutter. Scattered about I found several old doors, a old low tech looking fish finder the size of a microwave oven, a pair of shiny silver hardhats, a selection of five gasoline cans, a jump rope, and an exercise bike. There were a few books including “Men who can’t love” and “the Satan sellers”. The latter was a text that reveled the inner working of a satanic cult. Two interesting d├ęcor items were an undersized wagon wheel light fixture. If the wheel were really used on a wagon the wagon would have been the size of a go-cart. But when I was leaving I noticed they had a matching light fixture made with a diminutive oxbow. The ox for this would have been no bigger than a cocker spaniel.I bought two framed bird prints. I needed the frames for my roadside memorials series, which is now almost fully

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