Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This is the first Saturday in spring and I am looking for the usual signs such as Azaleas in bloom, Wolf not wearing a shirt in Little 5 Points and a banner headline above the 805 garage sales ads in the AJC announcing Spring Value guide. Well the weather is spring like but none of those things have happened yet (I’m glad Wolf still has his shirt on). Today is the Saturday before Easter, which makes it Good Saturday or Easter eve depending on your religious convictions. Catholics use the term Good Saturday while rabbit worshipping and chocolate devouring consumers use Easter Eve. In regards to faith, religion and yard sales there was a noticeable lack of sale events on Good Friday. There were a few in the suburbs (where perhaps the folk are less observant) but none that I cared to drive the distance to experience. Thus there are no Friday sales reports. But there were plenty on the traditionally not as somber Good Saturday.

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