Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just a few days back in the US I was invited to go Highlands for a few days with Cindy’s sister and brother in law. Knowing I would not have a chance to go to sales on Saturday I headed out to three estates sales on Friday.

Glendale Rd. Decatur “Estate sale”

When I arrived at this well kept bungalow near the heart of Decatur I was saddened to notice that the sale was not in the home but in the driveway and carport. It seemed as through nearly everything at this sale was a bit too tasteful from the bound compilations of Southern Living cookbooks to old rolls of expensive gift-wrap. Looking about for signs of real life I noticed a few interesting items on the tables such as a painting of a horse made of colored sand, a large print of two owls and a hand held massager. Books here included “Death of a Hussy”, several New England travel guides and “A treasury of Ethan Allen”. There were a number of decorative mouse items including a ceramic mouse wearing a bridal gown and a illustrated family tree of the Woodmouse family and a few other prints of mice posing in various humanoid stances. Boxes in the driveway carried old issues of Gourmet, piles of metal gift tins and old gift bags. When I was leaving a seller asked me if I was buying anything, I replied “no”. She then retorted “Well its kind of a girly sale.” Getting into my car a neighbor pulled up beside me and asked “Did something happen to Ruth?” I told her I didn’t know but they seem to be selling all her stuff.

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