Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thursday 6/23/05

N. Decatur- Druid Hills "Estate Sale"

Being off for the summer I have nothing except the prospect that a sale is going to be boring to keep me from going to midweek sales. This inside-the-house sale near Emory was exactly the type that might keep me from going to more sales on weekdays. Upon entering the well-kept brick bungalow it was obvious that this was some yuppie moving sale and not the estate of someone recently departed. The telling point was that no one invests in a large HDTV set a few months before they die. Overall there was not a lot of stuff in the house that was not for sale and very little of it was interesting or even indicative of someone’s life. (Since I sometimes find really boring lives lived in quiet desperation just as fascinating as interesting and remarkable lives). Among the limited stuff for sale was a large ugly white French provincial bedroom suite, a mahogany secretary holding at least 20 Readers Digest condensed books and two large aquariums. In the kitchen I spotted a pantry full of food but it was sadly marked “Not for Sale”. I spent little time in the house proper and headed to the detached garaged which contained far more interesting albeit unremarkable stuff. In that building I found several framed promotional photos from Movie Channel movies, a scrabble game, a Risk game, old copies of Gourmet and Bon Appitit, a candy dish in the shape of Santa’s head and a box of plastic fruit. One ceramic bust of a bearded man on a table was labeled “very damaged McCoy” I could not tell who McCoy was or what the damage was. A book shelf yielded titles such as “A man in Full”, “Celestine Prophecy”, “The book of Modern Puzzles”, “The Awful handyman’s book” and the Art Linkletter opus “Kids sure rite funny”. Also in the garage was a box of empty CD cases and a fake hand grenade.
I bought nothing.

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