Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kirkwood Neighborhood sales.

I drove across the tracks to Kirkwood in hopes of many sales in close proximity to one another. There were not many sales and their proximity was not close.

Murry Hill

This sale in front of a small frame cottage was watched over by a father and his teenage son. Among the items being divested was a selection of sporting goods including skis, bike helmets, life vests and a small inflatable boat. One table in the yard held three blenders and some other kitchen appliances. Another table yielded a collection of toy cars arranged neatly in rows. A large plastic toy tank loomed over the cars. There was also a full set of Sabian drums, a Dracula cape, and several books dealing with Chicken soup for assorted souls and a bullwhip.
I bought nothing.

Dunwoody Pl

This was a small sale with a pile of new men’s underwear as well as a used pair of shorts saying “In Dad we trust”. There was a children’s drum set, a book entitled ‘How to live to be 100” and a pair of instructional videos on nightclub dancing.
I bought nothing

Several other sales in Kirkwood had nothing worth noting or remembering.

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