Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wynn Way - Avondale Estates “Estate Sale”

This sale was inside an older ranch home in Avondale. Like the prior sale this one was a bit on the tasteful side but this one had a few odd bits of lives well lived. When I went to the back of the house I could not help but notice a door obsessively covered in masking tape. At most estates sales there is always a room or two that are marked off limits, normally with a sign or one or two runs of tape. This door used countless rows and columns of narrow masking tape that turned the doorway into a monochromatic DeStijl painting. I was tempted to try and purchase the door and tape as a piece of folk art.
The first items I investigated were a few shelves of books over the television. Among the books were several works on bridge, including “Master the Odds of Bridge”. Other works included “The Power of Positive thinking”, “Your Art Heritage” and “The 1953 standard text book to Cosmetology”
Notable among the books was a copy of the 1983 work “Safe places to live in America”. In it Avondale Estates was listed as a safe place to live. Also in the living room was an exercise bike, an orange stone obelisk, some steak knives and a photo of Colonial Williamsburg decorated for Christmas. One quite interesting item was a melon-sized ball constructed of peach pits glued together. In one of the bedrooms I found a pamphlet entitled “The Industrial Life Cookbook” it contained a recipe for savory stuffed veal. In the same bedroom was a clock with the letters R.A.D under the face. In another bedroom I found more cookbooks “Salad dressing to suit the salads”, “Searchlight recipe Book” and” Soup cooking the savory Heinz way” as well as a painting of a kitten playing with yarn and chicks hatching.
Outside the house in the driveway were a few tables of odds and ends ranging from a plastic Godzilla toy to a pair of children’s handcuffs.
I bought a pair of two-tone dress shoes for a dollar.

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