Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rosewalk - Decatur “Community Sale”

Rosewalk is one of the older infill developments in Atlanta. I don’t know what was there before it was built. What I do know is that there must be a lot of children in this development. Of the seven or eight sales no less than three had children selling food. A youngster named Alec who was selling hot off the grill hot dogs in addition to the usual bake sale and cold drink items was doing the best marketing. There was also a lot of children’s stuff for sale as well. So much so that I found the sales mostly unremarkable. As I was writing this down while walking I tripped on a vine covered curb and fell in the street. Aside from some bloody scraps on my knees the main damage was done to my pen. With a broken writing implement I was no longer able to continue this day’s journal of divestments. So after going to one more sale where the sellers spritzed my bruised and bloody knees with Bactine I headed home, stopping only to photograph a faux TV monitor lying face up in a seller’s yard.

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