Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Leafmore Dr. - Leafmore “Estate Sale”

Not far from Toco was this sale in Leafmore a neighborhood that some might call Lower Sagamore Hills. Leafmore is yet another community beset by the encroaching problem of oversized infill construction. Next to this ranch home hosting the sale were a number of homes with signs decrying this trend. This appeared to be a true estate sale but when I arrived there but much of the goods had already been pillaged and sold. My first stop as I made my way through the house was a den or office that still held many plaques hung by the estate owner. The plaques were from a number of remarkable organizations including the Daughters of the Confederacy, the Magna Carta Dames, the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Colonial Dames. There was also a diploma from Miss Hutchinson’s School in Memphis. The document was badly stained so I could not read its date of issue. As I went from room to room I was sad to see that there was little else that gave evidence to the noble pedigree of the estates. In a bedroom was chaos as clothing, linens, neckties and other cloth items were scattered across the floor. Descending the staircase to the basement I found the opposite extreme. There a workshop was obsessively organized with shelf after shelf holding containers precisely arranged for all sorts of nails and screws. Past the workshop was a basement bedroom. In a closet a woman’s wardrobe was still on hangers. Old copies of The Journal of Mississippi History, American Chronicle and American Heritage littered the floor. Some books found among the debris included “Basic Biblical Geography”, ”Mr. Adam, Mrs. Eve”, “How to pray” and “The Compulsive Overeater”.
Back upstairs buyers continued to decimate the collected clutter. A collection of candles in the shape of citrus fruit went unpurchased. In the kitchen I found a number of cookbooks such as “The Diabetic Cookbook”, “Deep Freeze Secrets” and “The Seven Chocolate Sins”.
I bought nothing.

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