Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cold and dark days and the sales begin to fade….

As we enter into the last month of the year once again only the true stalwarts are having yard sale. Today it appeared to be a determined man who underestimated the weather and a woman who just mush have desperately needed to get the junk out of here home.

Highland Terrace – Va. Highlands “Garage Sale”

This event was advertised in Craigslist. The sales was presided over by a man who seemed determined to get rid of his stuff regardless of the cold weather. His girlfriend probably told him the night before, “Its too cold to have a sale anyway most people are going to be out Christmas shopping” With his testosterone talking he might have stubbornly responded “hey I put an ad in Craigslist that’s sure to bring people out and the cold won’t bother me, I’ll just dress warm” When I arrived at the small circular turnaround at the end of the street I spotted a garage sale sign next to an ugly white leather sofa and matching chair. Near them was a CRT monitor. A cold wind was blowing when I got out of the car. Since this was the same street I locked my keys in the car on several weeks ago I made sure the leys were in my pocket when I left. In the driveway was a table with a large pile of very wrinkled clothing atop it. Some less wrinkled ties were laid out in an orderly manner near the pile but the seller was asking three dollars per tie (I have a large neck wear collection but I seldom pay over 50 cents per cravat). On top of a small cabinet were a box of pop Cds and an old inkjet printer. I headed past four dinning room chairs towards the garage hoping there would be more there, but a cold and agitated sellers clad in a North Face Parka told me there was nothing in the garage. On the way out I noticed three glass shelves lying in the yard.
I bought nothing.

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