Tuesday, December 06, 2005

St. Charles Ave. – Midtown “Yard Sale”

This event had a bit more stuff than the other sale but it started raining shortly after I arrived and I did not have a chance to examine everything before they began pulling stuff out of the yard in front of this large two story Victorian home. Among the clutter I was able to peruse was a electric foot bath, several adult costumes including a glamour wig and a spider web hoop skirt, a small lap top for only $25, a box a plush toys with a large purple monkey holding a gun, a pair of dumb bells a microwave and a box of some unknown action figures. There were also some CDs by Melissa Ethridge and Missy Elliot as well as a stack of computer manuals. Leaning against the porch rail was a small painting of a dark cloud with a ray of sunlight shining down on a lone flower. Just As I photographed the work the wind blew down a hail of acorns followed by a light rain.
I bought a Photoshop manual for 50 cents.

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