Thursday, December 22, 2005

One yard that is never out of season is at the home of the lady who always gets to the trash piles in the street before I do. Her persistent scavenging has led to the creation of a truly memorable yard environment. The yard is a discordant array of old toys, faux botanicals, shells and anything she finds in trash piles. The most notable part of the yards is a five-foot high pile of old once living Christmas trees mixed with aluminum Christmas trees. Attached to many of the dead and crispy branches are a multitude of discarded escargot shells. Peering out from the dead branches are countless plastic toy figurines. In the middle of the yard is a four-foot tall slightly deflated inflatable plastic palm tree. Along the edges of a driveway covered in oriental carpets is a long spray of bright plastic flowers. The saturated colors of the faux blooms serve to brighten the gloomy winter days.

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