Friday, December 16, 2005

McLendon Ave. - Lake Claire “Garage Sale

This sale was in the back driveway and garage of a home at the corner of Ridgewood and McLendon. Among the clutter spread out on the pavement were three sets of golf clubs, one club was protected by a club cover shaped like a bird, a box of beer can cozies, a plush leprechaun, a candle shaped like a snowman, some luggage and a sofa. One unique item was a large shell casing cut diagonally with a carbine bullet mounted inside, the structure resembled a Cana lily created by a munitions maker. In the garage were boxes of books. Some titles included “The Simple Abundance Companion”, “So you want to be a lawyer”, “You were born rich”, “The road less traveled” and several guides to pregnancy. I also found some sets of motivational tapes by Zig Ziglar and Jack Davis.
I bought nothing.

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MissGuide said...

I like your addiction, your musings and your passion!