Friday, December 16, 2005

Harold Ave. “Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Under the shadow of a POW-MIA flag an assortment of stuff was for sale in the driveway of this newer house just a block from my home. A fire blazed in a ceramic chimera in an attempt to keep the sellers or the buyers warm. Dominating the driveway was a complete silver Ludwig drum kit. Beside the drums was a bowling ball perched in a small pedestal. On a table further up the driveway was a Minolta 35mm SLR camera with a wide selection of lenses. Near the camera was a box filled with leis, a grass skirt, tiki heads and some objects made out of coconut shells. Other things scattered about included some old Nehi Soda bottles, some shoes, and a wizard’s hat, a large subwoofer a set of Mercedes hubcaps, a few old beer coasters, a pile of garden hoses and a few cordless phones.
Print media included “Goddesses in Every Woman”, “Maternity and Gynecological Care” and ”First Aid and Safety”. A box of Lps featured works by Aaron Copland, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Barry Manilow and Twisted Sister. A stack of VHS tapes included “Used People”, “Crime Spree” and “Spellbound”. A stack of Janet Evonovich novels was offered for free along with a Cd of classical music produced by the manufacturer of a drug for eye irritation.
Parked in front of the home was a pickup truck with a flatbed trailer filled with large ceramic planters and birdbaths. Some planters and birdbaths also lined the sidewalk in front of the home some filled with frozen water. One of the sellers told me he had had a gardening and greenhouse business in the neighborhood but the big box stores had caused him to close down. He was now selling his remaining stock.
I bought nothing. I later told Cindy about the closeout of the gardening business. She went to his shop and purchased two Japanese maple trees and several pairs of latex gloves.

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