Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Xmas- My yard is bare....

Yard sales In Atlanta have ended. The 805 section of the AJC classifieds was absent today as people go about their holiday habits of crowding into big box stores to purchase clutter that will be sold at yard sales in the spring. Last year in this site I reported on my front yard and how it was festooned with illuminated magi and penguins. This year due to my travel plans I declined to haul out the plastic figures from my shed and lay out the grid of extension cords that supply power to these icons that brighten the season for all that walk or drive by. My neighbors were somewhat perplexed at my lack of holiday spirit but all d├ęcor needs a sabbatical. All that one sees now in my yard is a frozen fish pond and one bare dogwood tree with a single ornament hanging from it.
Overall in the neighborhood there seems to be a lessening of holiday spirit. Perhaps there is a war on Christmas as Fox news pundits are claiming. As in any wartime conditions the civilians hunker in bunkers and wait for peace. So perhaps this is where the plastic snowmen have gone.
Overall there has been an increase of the large plastic inflatables. These air blown affairs are best seen when their air blowers go into standby and the deflated figures look like victims of Christmas war crimes.

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