Tuesday, October 10, 2006

September 31, 2006

Oakdale Ave.- Candler Park “Moving Sale”

This was a sale for a family moving to the UK. As an adult I have never moved to another country or for that matter to anywhere except another neighborhood in Atlanta. When one moves abroad I presume much needs to be left behind. Here on Oakdale there was a good bit for sale but it seems like a lot of the contents of this large newer home did not make it into the sale being held in the driveway and yard. So for sale here I found a lot of things that would not have made it on a trip to another local neighborhood. Dominating the driveway was a large strange and modern looking Madonna that appeared to be made of some sort of paper mache’ and cloth products. Next to it was a large plush dog. Other clutter not making it across the pond were a chrome pair of figurines that may have been Adam and Eve, A Napoleonic figure that appeared to be rendered from recycled tin, a teapot shaped like a pineapple (these are so common in the UK taking it would be like sending coals to Newcastle). Other things being abandoned in the US were a VCR (the standard is different) some hand painted Indonesian décor items, a box filled with beer can cozies, two broken doll heads, several bobbing head sports figures, a plastic bin full of women’s shoes and a lot of books. Among the books were “Why do cats sulk?”, “The Promise of Sleep”, “Dr. Atkins Carbohydrate Gram Counter”, “The Innkeeper Register”, “101 Uses for a Golden Retriever”, “Holy War Inc.”, “Play Your Best Pool”, “What Would Buddha Do”, “The Road Less Traveled”, “Do It Yourself Shitatsu” “Executive Job Changing” and “Dance with Anger”.
I bought three beakers for Cindy to mix paints in and a shirt.

Doll heads and a crystal ball.

Tin figures not being taken to the UK.

In the land of room temperture beer these coozies will not be needed.

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