Friday, October 20, 2006

Howard Cir. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

There seems to be a sale at this home every fall. This year’s event was larger than the ones in the past. In the yard and walkways was an assortment of clutter that included children’s playthings, a box of paintball gear, some Xmas décor, a pair of Cat in the Hat slippers, some audio equipment, a jumble of computer and electric cables, an 8 X 10 inch photos of an old cemetery and several cute ceramic bears. In one area was a pile of rolled up posters. Printed on the outside of one were the words “Blood alcohol Experiment in Progress”. Among some books on the ground were “The Theory of Knowledge”, “Growing Up”, “Le Divorce” and several works by Isaac Asimov. Near the entrance of the house was a neat line of brown paper bags. The seller told me they were surprise packages.
I bought nothing.
Unwanted Holiday decor' on Howard Cir.

Paintball gear being divested.

Bags of Mystery

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