Friday, October 20, 2006

Saturday 10-07-2006

Elmira St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This sale featured an excessive amount of Halloween wares and I found myself wondering if this individual was a freelance Halloween décor dealer or simply liked to hoard these materials. In the front yard and porch of this craftsman bungalow I found a large Creature from the Black Lagoon mask, a string of lights featuring smaller Lagoon Creature heads, a variety of plastic bats (the flying mammal not the whiffle ball sort) a large plastic light up Frankenstein and an assortment of faux skulls or differing sizes. There were also a number of other adult child items including the stereotypical assortment of unopened Star Wars figures and some protective gear for skateboarding or some other knee crushing activity. The sale featured a large selection of garish clothing for sale; shoes with animal prints and hefty heals as well as glittery club-ware as well as some practical pieces of apparel.
I bought nothing
Santa and plastic bat

Head of the creature.

Selection of fine footware.

Skulls on Elmira.

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