Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday 10-21-06

I seldom like to visit yard sales held by people I know. First there is the obligation to buy coupled with the familiar sense that your friends and neighbors know that you are judging them by their goods out in their yard. Today I visited three sales held by friends and neighbors.

Hardendorf Ave. – Lake Claire - “Multifamily Sale”
Both these sales were visible from my front porch. The larger of the two filled up most of the driveway and the sidewalk in front of the home owned by the two gentlemen across the street. Here I found some odds and ends from their rock bank such as a Tascam four track mixer, a pink guitar strap, a studded belt and a pair of leopard skin platform shoes. In the driveway were some Halloween masks, a portrait of a dog, a print of a woman’s legs, and a disassembled ceiling fan. Among some books were “Choke”, “The Jesus Papers” and “A Prayer for Owen Meany”.
Other items included a cocktail mixer, a set of traveling decanters, a retro style telephone and a pair of devil horns.

Portrait of neighbor's pet dog.

Neighbor's dog wanders among the clutter.

Pile of goods selected by a buyer.

The other sale two doors down were much smaller and featured some women’s clothing, a children’s playscape, a large plush frog and a saddle. The saddle was perched atop the playscape.
I bought nothing.
Saddle on a playscape.

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