Friday, December 22, 2006

Locust Ave. – Kirkwood “Moving Sale”

This event went by several names. In Craigslist it was listed as an estate sale, signs around Kirkwood announced it as a moving sale, the sign in the front yard said Garage sale. But there was no garage here. There was a fair amount of clutter collected in the driveway and front porch of this older bungalow. Covering a large portion of the yard were four carpets of differing designs. In the driveway on tables and shelves were some large framed art, some candles, some bottles of garden chemicals, an assortment of men’s designer underwear, rolls of gift wrap, unopened boxes of facial tissue, some odd cans of limited edition Coca Cola products, a few board games and some books. Among the books were “Praying Twice”, “The Life Cycle Completed”, “The Gay Guide to San Francisco”, “Simple Vegetarian Pleasures”, “An Invitation to Christian Yoga”, “Small Dog Breads”, “The Mac Bathroom Reader”, “Quest for the Grail”, “Bartending for Dummies”, “Living More with Less”, How I Learned to Snap” and “Our Endangered Values”. In a pile of clothing in the back of the driveway I found some academic regalia. The seller told me one hood was for law the other the ministry. He explained he was only practicing the latter. On the porch was some stereo gear, boxes of cables, a multitude of DC adapters, a sofa and a very old Macintosh.
I bought nothing but later returned with Cindy to by some large sheets of watercolor paper.
Carpets covering the front yard.

Gift wrap for sale.

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