Friday, December 22, 2006

Oakridge Ave. East Lake “Yard Sale"

The ad for this sale in the AJC and Craigslist announced that the Xmas décor was being sold to pay for assisted living costs
I was stunned by the possible pathos of this event. Were some teary eyed children taking ornaments off their tree to provided three squares a day for their grandma? When I arrived at the sale in the driveway of a faux turn of the century manor house it was apparent that they had not dismantled the tannenbaum but had vacated their Christmas shop. On some tables in the driveway were hundreds of unopened boxes of ornaments and Xmas village pieces. The village pieces included everything from fire hydrants to truncheon toting English Bobbies. A massive selection of glass ornaments hanging on racks in the drive way featured glassine pigs riding Harleys, smiling snowmen, polar bears, teddy bears and bronco busters. In other boxes were varieties of Santa figurines and all manor of Xmas lights. There was a large selection of non-holiday stuff for sale as well. Several boxes contained an assortment of popular fiction by authors such as King, Kellerman and Ludham. A closed plastic bin contained a sign warning that of Playboys lurked within. There were cardboard boxes filled with small plush bears in assorted apparel, old Lps by Johnny Mathis, a bowl of polished stone eggs, several boxes of old bottles, tangled boxes of audio and video cables and assorted kitchen wears. On the pavement was a large crock that said mustard plasters next to it was a large jar containing cotton boughs.
I bought a wireless video transmitter for fifty cents.

Village being sold.

Bobby standing guard in Xmas village.

Massive array of boxed Xmas items.

Old bottles in a box.

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