Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Friday 12/1/06

It's Friday afternoon I feel dreadful from this flu or cold or whatever. As I look to the weekend I realize that in addition to feeling this way, it is much to cold to have yard sales and that I need to attend the Geography Bee tomorrow morning. But scanning Craigslist I find the following ad:

"Now that the divorce is final and the ex-wife is gone, it's time to get rid of all of the sh-- she left. I have couches, loveseats, two armoires, end tables with marble tops and SEVEN TUBS of women's clothing, most of them plus-size, in addition to the clothes I have hung on FOURTEEN FEET of clothing racks (she had the racks custom made.) Most of the clothes are nice, I'm told - Liz Clairborne, Eddie Bauer...I don't recognize a lot of the other names. There are some small leather skirts that she apparently held on to thinking she would fit into them again. There are enough clothes here to open my own freakin department store. What's more - there are duplicates! So, if you see a shirt you like, there are probably four more just like it in different colors. Some of this stuff still has tags on it! It's amazing she didn't drive me into bankruptcy while we were together. Clothes are priced at "FILL A BAG FOR $1" except for a few things - leather, a vintage wedding dress (from her first marriage) and a few coats.

I also have full sets of dishes and housewares, various holiday decorations, and tons of "art". If your office does one of those santa swap things and you need something weird, you need to come by my house!

I also have a free box, a 25 cent box, and a 50 cent box."

I'm sorry I will not be there but sometimes the promotion can be better than the actual event.

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