Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday - December 2, 2006

Clifton Rd. - Candler Park "Estate Sale"

It’s a cold Saturday morning and I’ve had a low-grade fever for three days. I drag my self out of bed to go not to a yard sale in front of some frozen fool’s home but to the county geography bowl. I watch my school’s team answer questions about population and rivers then head home to rest. Cindy tells me she’ll run down to the corner store to get me some soup and a sandwich after nearly an hour she then tells me I have got to get dressed to go to this sale a block away. “The old woman died” she says, “The house is full of stuff.”
Disregarding my feverish state I following Cindy’s directive and head to this brick bungalow near the Candler Park Market. Inside I find the usual set up for a professional sale. Several sales people dominating the front rooms. A few cases filled with jewelry and smaller staff. As always I head towards the more remote areas of the household. I cruise through the kitchen noting the piles and buckets of cleaning supplies. The rat bait kept near a percolator, the assorted Xmas décor and faux flowers among small yellow appliances. From the kitchen I proceeded to a rear bedroom where I found more Xmas décor plush animals and a neatly made up antique wooden bed. Upon it was a frame print of Jesus and a photo album containing snapshots and letters from children to their grandmother. On a nearby dresser was a ceramic sleeping pig, next to the dreaming swine was a ceramic book forever open to a verse saying something regarding “so many friends and never being alone.”
Sleeping pig with open verse.

Memories and faith displayed on bed.

Female figure found upon the cuttlery.

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