Friday, December 22, 2006

Saturday 12/16/06

Terrace Ave. - Candler Park “Yard Sale"

The holidays are approaching but the temperature has risen and once again it’s reasonable weather for yard sales. Today’s first sale is at a home of a local sign artist. I covered a sale here two years ago as I recognize the stump in the front yard that once held a large doll. Today there is a moderate assortment of old clutter spread across the yard of this brick bungalow facing Candler Park. By the look of it all everything here could have well been in the last four sales at this home. Here I find a metal cage filled with tennis balls, a child’s pencil case with the name Ryan on it, some old metal hanging light fixtures, a pile of baskets, a box of jars and metal tins and a box of hats. On one table are two deflated exercise balls on another two old and dusty crockpots. Some house wares on another table include a mug with an alligator on it, two ceramic pickles and a large ashtray with the name of a cigar maker on it.
I bought nothing.
Drinking vessel for sale in Candler Park.

Old balls contained in a metal case.

Box of old cans and jars.

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Julie said...

I had a set of the animal coffee mugs when I was a kid and absolutely loved them. The alligator was my favorite. My mom still has the alligator and the giraffe mug. My son drinks from it still and it brings back so many memories.